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Gordon Adelsberg, CEO & CLO

Chief Executive Geek

"The most satisfying successes in my consulting career came not from my technical brilliance, but from making things crystal clear for my clients, then teaching them the communication skills needed to share their best with their colleagues and leadership. Turns out, those skills were the most important thing I left with my clients."

Frank Viola, VP of Sales

Sales Geek

"I've spent over 20 years selling enterprise-scale solutions. Over the course of my career I've had the privilege of working with a handful of designers and engineers who were terrific in front of clients.  They truly made a difference in closing the sale.  Why couldn't all of them be that good?  Well they can.  I want every field engineer to be a superstar...and set them up for a great career."

Tools for Techies - Become and Expert at the Sales Assist

Ravi Bhatia, Founder

"My journey from Mumbai to the world of American business has been awesome. Next up, sharing my passion for improving business communication skills for managers and future leaders. You know them as the "geeks" today, I know them as the "leaders of tomorrow." Please welcome Communication for Geeks to the world."

Founding Geek

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