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IT Connect 2016

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

IT Connect is among the largest Information Technology Expos in the state of New Jersey. This event is designed to assemble professionals of all walks of life to learn more about technology, share new technological advance and best practices with one another.

Penn State Alumni

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Penn State’s business school has an EXCELLENT communications curriculum – Let’s build on that.”  Communication skill is a prerequisite to career advancement – You must be able to communicate your ideas directly to leadership.  


Companies are getting leaner and flatter, and the managerial chain between the operating folks and the decision makers is short.  Many companies, especially technology firms, adhere to Jack Welch’s advice: “You've probably gotten to the right level of layers if your company is 50% flatter than you'd like. The Killer Wake Up Call is that we just moved up the food chain, and are now in direct line-of-sight to senior managers and the C-Suite.

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